Tuesday, January 20, 2009

not much going on

Today has been a good day at the Zufelt house. Not too much has been going on, Zoie had show and tell at school today and brought a huge wish bear (from the carebears) to school with her to show her friends. We are currently looking to buy a house in our area, we are looking at a few houses and need to find one big enough for all 6 of us that is in our price range (almost impossible). We are waiting on our W2's so we can file taxes and pay some of Xander's medical bills and we are getting a new TV too this year, I am way excited but not as excited as Justin is lol.

I am still trying to get the word out about congenital heart defects and have gotten a lot of other families to join me, we all need to stick together on this!

I am also trying to decide whether or not to just go have the surgery to get my tubal right now or wait a little longer to see if Justin changes his mind about the Visectomy, he was willing to get it while I was pregnant with Zailee and then changed his mind about 2 weeks before she was born saying "we might want to have one more." LOL I don't know about that, I don't know if my body could handle having one more.

Thats all for now, we find out on Thurs. what the appraisal price is on a house that we are looking at and what it is going to be sold for. I hope we can find a house soon, by the end of the year at least!

Oh and I let Zoie cut her hair, we got 11in to donate and she is so proud of herself! I am proud of her too, she wants to do it again once her hair grows long enough and you know I just might want to do it too!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

the new year

so it is now 2009, I know I am a little late in posting, I am not too good at keeping this blog updated but....
Ok so here is what has been going on with us starting in Nov 08, 11-6 was Xanders second birthday, he had a great day, and I am so happy that he is still around, I am so thankful for everyday I have with him! 11-8 was mine and my sisters birthday, I turned 20 something and she turned 20 something plus one, this was a really hard birthday for me, I don't know why. Then came the Twilight movie and my sis in laws birthday (she turned 6) then Thanksgiving and finally Dec.
Dec. 6th was my MIL's birthday and a christmas party, the next week was another party and preparing the appt for Christmas with a tree and lights and we can't put the presants under the tree until we want them opened because of the kids lol. Christmas went ok, we celebrated at my appt and I made a turkey, I cried because it was so bad! Justin had got the wrong size of baggs for the turkey and it got dry, the kids had a good time anyway.
Dec 30th was my 5yr anni, we called Justins parents and invited them over for dinner, they had forgotten that it was our anni, we later found out that they thought that we had invited them over to tell them that we were prego again! LOL NO!
Jan 1st was BIL and FIL's birthday, and it is now the 14th and in the past two weeks we found out that we don't qualify for housing anymore so rent went up $250 a month, my psycologist just got licenced and my ins doesn't cover him anymore (he is trying to get covered by them though) I have to either see someone else or wait for my ins to accept his application, I'm not seeing anyone else!
Over all things are really well, Xander is doing great at 25lb this month and not needing any oxygen at all to help him breath, Zoie is in school 4 days a week and loves it! Magi is turning into a wonderful girl, she just wants everyone to be happy, and Zailee is crawling, sitting up, can almost go from laying to sitting on her own (she gets most of the way up) she has 2 teeth and one coming in and we will find out how much she weighs in Feb at her 9mo baby well ( I bet she's over 19lb lol) Oh yeah and Zoie has been asking for a hair cut, she says she wants it really short, IF I let her cut her hair we will donate her hair to locks of love because you only need 10in to donate and she has a little more than that.

I think that is all for us at this moment, I need to set a goal of keeping this blog updated better! BTW I HATE this layout but haven't figured out how to make it the way I like it yet!